“A Happy Mind Lives in Healthy Body “.Food is given a great importance in our books. Food is the eternal part of our life and so is the Taste.

All of us and specially child’s, loves outside foods. We all love to get out for dining with family to satisfy our taste buds. But it not always pockets friendly.

Here at Desi Rasoi, we bring you easy and step by step process for making healthy and delicious food at your home without paining your pockets. It is the simple way to cherish your family’s taste buds.

We are catering here many delicious Food recipe’s from all over the world and providing step by step details for preparing them. Also it includes tips, serving ideas, hacks, and variations in taste to make cooking a great experience and fun activity for all.

Please be assured, that all the recipes published here are tested and checked by our team before presenting it to you to cherish you with non forgetting taste of food that is made by you only.

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